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Communication / Internet Access


The University of Regensburg is member of the eduroam-network. Users from eduroam institutions, who have registered for eduroam, can use WLAN at the University of Regensburg without local registration in Regensburg. Please ask the computer center/network administration of your home institution for eduroam-registration. Eduroam in Regensburg is possible with WLAN SSID eduroam.  

In  addition  to  eduroam  a  WLAN  (WPA2  secured)  with  the  SSID  conference  is  offered  without  prior registration:
PSK: unirconf

Furthermore access to the Internet will be available in every public computer room (= CIP Pool) at the Campus daily from 8:00 to 20:00 with the following access data:  
Login-Name: tag45 (oder
Password: dpg-2019